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Today, ICANN announced that they will allow companies to create their own top-level domains (TLDs), for a price, of course. It’s a hefty fee (~$185,000), but every reporter has brought up a couple excellent examples. .bank, for example. I assume that whoever creates these TLDs would also be able to control who gets domains. That would make it possible to ensure that only legitimate banks can have a .bank address. The two other examples I’ve seen repeatedly are .vegas and .canon.

This brings up an interesting opportunity for some new domain uses we’ve never seen before. Imagine, for example, that Canon bought .canon. Sure, they would probably setup and, but what if we thought outside the box a bit more? What could we do with an unlimited supply of .canon domains?

Here’s what I imagine: (serial number).canon. What if instead of stumbling though a support site to find support for your product, you could just type in the serial number, followed by .(brand), and be given support information? This is something we’ve never been able to do with traditional TLDs, buy company-oriented TLDs would make this simple.

What about tracking numbers? Google makes it simple to get tracking information from almost any shipping company (just search Google for the tracking number and you’re given a link), but custom TLDs could make this even easier. (tracking number).ups should take me right to the page to figure out where that book I ordered is.

How about finding out what’s around you? It’d be neat to see some company snatch .gps, then allow some standard coordinate format to give a map and perhaps some useful information about what’s nearby. Perhaps .gps could also allow city names.

Maybe you want to know the weather. (City name).weather should be able to take you right to useful information.

Opening up the allowed TLDs allows a world of possibilities. I’ve just listed a couple simple examples here, but I’m sure folks that are much more creative than I could come up with even wilder examples. What would you like to see done with this new world of domain names?

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