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By the time of this writing, I have seen Avatar three times: twice in IMAX, and once in RealD 3D.  The first time was for the midnight premier in IMAX.  Then, I decided I wanted to see it again, so got a bunch of people to go see it in IMAX.  The third time, a couple people I knew were going, and I wanted to see the movie a third time.  I’m contemplating going to see it a fourth time.

Now, after reading this article and seeing the movie, you may feel the movie isn’t good enough to see it three or four times, and that’s fine.  But if you go see the movie and think it was bad, then I think you’re just looking for something to complain about, so you found something.  The only people I’ve heard of not liking this movie are comments I’ve read online.  Every person I actually know that saw it thought it was a fantastic movie.

But, really… Why should you go see Avatar?

1. The plot line

This is the complaint I see most often, so I’m going to address it before anything else.  I’m also fairly certain that this complaint comes mostly from people who haven’t seen the movie.  I’m not going to argue that the plot isn’t cliché, because… well, it really is.  But, that’s a terrible reason to not see a movie.  First off, if the only complaint you can find about a movie is that the plot line/story has been done before, then I’d say it’s a pretty damn good movie. Overall, the basic plot line has little to do with whether a movie is good or not.  Let’s face it: almost all movies have a clichéd basic plot line.  The reason you like a movie is how the plot line plays out: character development, how the end is reached, tests that characters have to go through, etc.  Most people would rather see a story they already know because it’s less confusing, and less to follow.  You know what’s going on, you just have to sit there and go along for the ride.

2. Cutting Edge Animation

Seriously, the graphics are like nothing you’ve seen before.  I’ve heard one person say, after seeing Avatar, that it was “a pretty good cartoon,” and I’m still convinced that we didn’t watch the same movie (it should also be noted that this person complains about everything).  However, remember to not get caught up in the graphics.  If you keep saying to yourself, “Wow… these graphics are amazing,” then you’re missing the magic of the movie.  Although, at the same time, the graphics are so amazing that you do have to convince yourself every now and then that the Na’vi, the Thanator, and the Hallelujah Mountains are not real.  The previews/commercials do NOT do the movie justice.  In the previews, the Na’vi do have a unreal feeling to them, but this is not so in the movie.

3. 3D

Again, this is a revolution in film making.  The 3D in the movie is amazing, and used as a tool to immerse you into the world, instead of being used as a gimmick to have things pop out at you.  Most of the movie happens deeper into the screen, instead of outside of it.  Avatar is also the first movie to be filmed entirely in 3D.  All other movies have either only had parts filmed in 3D, or just done 3D in post-processing.  The 3D experience is amazing, cutting-edge, and greatly enhances the way you are immersed in the movie.

4. The Amount of Work

You should go see it just to see what James Cameron has devoted his whole career to.  Avatar has been the movie he’s wanted to make since he became a director, and the technology finally caught up with him.  No detail is spared in the movie.  The Na’vi language was specially crafted with the help of a linguist, and the details in the plants are stunning.  From bio-luminescence to giant flying banshees (each unique in some way), there is not a single pixel out of place.  Everything on Pandora has a purpose for being there, and the amount of detail put into the movie is incredible.

5. The Final Battle

The final battle scene is just plain awesome.  The last ~30 minutes of the movie is just this insane battle between the humans and the Na’vi, and it plays out beautifully.  Explosions galore, but everything is cut together so you know which character is where.  Girls will love Avatar for its love story, and guys will love Avatar for the battle scenes.  Seriously… it’s awesome.

Overall, it’s a wonderful movie that I’ve only heard good things about from my friends (and I’ve only been able to tell others good things)!  So… if you haven’t yet seen Avatar, you should go see it now.  And, make sure you go see it in 3D, or you’re missing out on the best part of the movie.

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  • Brandon

    The plot actually IS the most important part of a movie. And using a tired, cliched script is a great way to break the immersion. If you can predict exactly how the story will pan out, the characters seem more like puppets on a stage as opposed to real, live beings with natural responses and unique character development.

    And Avatar’s plot sure is cliched. In my opinion, a good movie should challenge a viewer’s perceptions. Avatar’s plot seemed little more than a placeholder to make use of all the flashy CGI and 3D technology they had. I’m all for CGI in movies if that’s the art form one wishes to dabble in, but it does not blow me away if someone is simply making an elaborate final project for his computer graphics class with no effort into making it an intellectually or emotionally moving piece. It’s cool, yes. Amazing? No. Combining cutting edge film making technique with an actual cutting edge film is when words like “amazing” apply.

    So yes. I actually saw the movie, in theaters even (I rarely step foot into movie theaters, but I was bored that day…). And the entire movie felt like a gimmick. While it makes for a worthy distraction for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, one viewing may already be pushing the limit.

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