pyRdesktop 1.5.0-6 / rdesktop-cli 1.6.3-maemo2

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Since pyRdesktop depends on rdesktop-cli, this post contains information about both. The reason for two separate packages is twofold: one, so that I can push updates for each application separately; two, so that those who just want the CLI version of rdesktop can get that.

pyRdesktop is a new frontend for rdesktop, designed to be optimized to work on the internet tablets. It features all the basic options, some advanced options, and support for multiple remote desktop profiles (in case you have multiple computers/ip addresses). On clicking “connect”, it simply runs rdesktop-cli. While it does not allow full control over what parameters are passed to rdesktop-cli, it gives options for the most popular.

pyrdesktop is available in maemo extras (diablo and chinook). Direct download link

pyrdesktop screenshot

pyrdesktop screenshot

rdesktop-cli is, as the name suggests, the command line rdesktop client. It has some hildonization (which isn’t perfect). The package is intended to be used in conjunction with pyrdesktop.

rdesktop-cli is available in maemo extras (chinook and diablo). Direct download link

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  • Marcelo

    Hi, I download the pyRdestop to use with my Nokia N800, but I can’t “start” my virtual keyboard when connected… How can I do this?! It’s possible?

    Thanks. Marcelo!

  • TrueJournals

    You’ll have to use the virtual keyboard built into Windows. Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard.

  • sharpedge

    How would i be able to connect to my pc when i’m on a different network.

  • TrueJournals

    You would first need to configure your router to forward port 3389 (TCP) to your computer. Then, you would put your home’s IP address in the Host box. You could also use a service like DynDNS, to always have a domain name forwarded to your IP if it changes frequently.

  • Jason404

    I am thinking of getting a N900 when it comes out. I have never used a Maemo device before, and do not know much about Linux – but this N900 will give me a great reason to learn much more.

    I was wondering if this can be used on Fremantle?

    Does rdesktop support Window Server 2008’s RemoteApp feature, where only a particular app is shown, or does this not really make any difference on a device that only shows one windows at a time, anyway?

    And finally, can I use this to use apps like MS Outlook and MS OneNote? Would I need to use wifi to get any useful speed? Are my dreams if having full (remote) versions of these apps in my pocket just unrealistic?

  • Anthony

    Hi I have a n810 os2008 v5.2008.43-7 and have downloaded and installed (in this order) rdesktop-cli v1.6.3-maemo2 and pyrdesktop v1.5.0-6. I have tried to connect to 2 computers using both adhoc and any any network alternatives. I an able to ping to and from each computer. Looking through your threads on Maemo Talk, I have sorted the pc side with passwords for users, enabled remote access and selected remote users and inserted the correct parameters in the n810. As far as I can tell, no further software is neccessary. I am getting a message “Sorry there was an error connecting to xxxx. Connection refused. Will try again in x secs”. Is ther a X terminal command that will give me more information on the cause of the problem?

  • .thomas

    i’d be happy to help you with testing rdesktop on n900. let me know if i can be of assistance.

  • Ken

    I’ve somehow broken the pyRdesktop install on my N810; it now opens the connection configuration window and promptly crashes/exits. Where do I go to purge all the configuration files for pyRdesktop?


  • Ken

    I found the solution to my problem here:

    More specifically, executing the following command did the trick:
    gconftool -u /apps/rdesktop/load_prof

    Yay! Awesome work, Mr. Graese!

  • ZeeD

    Hi TrueJournals,

    Could you please tell is it possible to add an option of “local screen resolution”? For example, ’emulate’ local resolution as 1600×1200 so that I could connect to a PC with the same screen resolution and use scroll bars to navigate on the PC’s screen.

    I’m using rDesktop-cli on the Nokia n900 with 800×480 resolution. When I establish a connection to a server with 1600×1200 screen resolution it is very hard to do anything with this server because all icons and font are small.

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